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Above All by Michael W. Smith


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Lord I give my heart


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God is with you


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When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up – Psalm 27 : 10


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You shall flourish like the palm tree

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The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age, they shall be fat and flourishing. To shew that the Lord is upright, He is my rock and there is no unrighteousness in Him – Psalm 92 : 12 – 15.

Many times we have read this verse in the bible but most of the times we do not know the qualities of what God has placed in us that make the Psalmist to describe us as the palm tree whose botanical name is Arecaceae according to Wikipedia.

Below is the meaning and some of the qualities of a palm tree which will encourage you to know the qualities that is in the inside of you :

A plam tree is an unbranched evergreen tree of tropical and warm regions, with a crown of very long feathered or fan-shaped leaves, and typically having old leaf scars forming a regular pattern on the trunk.
  • a leaf of a palm tree awarded as a prize or viewed as a symbol of victory. From Google

The qualities:

–  It grows straight heavenward

–  It overtops all other tress

–  The palm tree cast the least shadow… it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine

–  The palm tree is soft at heart

–  The palm tree has the fewest roots which is sufficient to maintain its upright position

–  The palm tree will not be repressed. When it starts to grow, even if you put a stone on it, it will lift that stone or grow around it and continue      to grow heavenward

–  The older the palm tree, the more abundant, luscious and sweeter are its fruits

–  The dust does not accumulate on the palm tree (it accumulates on other trees). I am free from all earthly contamination in Jesus name

–  The palm tree shows the place of water… it’s roots go deep to find the place of water even in dry places

–  The palm tree is perennially green throughout all season

–  Each and every part of a palm tree is useful


Father, we thank You for the great things You have placed in the inside of us. Give us the grace to manifest it in season and out of season to the glory of Your name in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Happy New Year 

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Behold, I have set before you…..

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Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world – 1 John 4 : 1

Most times we are carried away with what people say out of their mouth most especially when they mention God. The Bible tell us to try the spirits if they are of God because there are many false prophets, there are many false doctrines.

As we are praying to God focus on God and not on man. Because many people are always looking for prophesy, when they see anyone that can prophecy, whether he has the spirit of God or not they don’t care and it doesn’t concern them. Before you know what is happening, a covenant has been established. I pray that God should protect us against any evil covenant in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am not against receiving prophesy from a man of God but what I am saying is that some people cannot even pray again because they have received a prophesy. Prophesy cannot take you to heaven but rather your righteousness and holy walking with God. God is a respecter of those who diligently seek Him. No matter what you think about yourself, God can use you as well if you are ready and have a pure heart.

Jesus Christ said that, ‘‘if any man want to come after Him, he should deny himself and take his own cross and follow Him – Matthew 16 : 24. The book of St Luke 9 : 23 says, ”take up your cross daily”. A father cannot carry the cross of his children no matter how you love them neither a mother nor anyone else but rather each one should carry his or her own cross.

When people are praising you, you need to be careful because it is not every word that comes out of their mouth are from their heart. There is no heart that has a zip which can be use to open the heart so that you can see what is inside.

A young mosquito went out flying for the first time in life. The father asked, how does it feel? The mosquito replied, it was great! Everyone was clapping for me. The father replied, they weren’t clapping for you. They wanted to kill you, the more they clapped, the more chances you are likely to die.


In life, not all the people who celebrate you are your well wishers. So be careful, because the enemy that will kill you, will not come with a sword, but with a smile.

PRAYER : Ever lasting Father, may Your name be praise forever and ever. Please, give us the spirit of discernment so that we can differentiate between Your voice and the voice of the enemies that are on sheep clothes in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord for answering our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ.

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