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Prayer 11/05/2022

Acts 28:2
And the natives showed us unusual kindness, for they kindled a fire and made us all welcome, because of the rain that was falling and because of the cold.

O Lord, anyone You have destined to show my family and I kindness that will take us to the next level, let them appear in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 08/05/2022

Acts 27:23-24
For there stood by me this night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve,
saying, Do not be afraid, Paul, you must be brought before Caesar, and indeed God has granted you all those who sail with you.

Any situation, structure, system or regime assigned to threaten my peace and that of my family, receive disappointment in the name of Jesus Christ.


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God’s protection


During World War 2, a soldier was separated from his unit on an island.
The fighting had been intense, and in the smoke and the crossfire he had lost touch with his comrades. Alone in the jungle, he could hear enemy soldiers coming in his direction.
Scrambling for cover, he found his way up a high ridge to several small caves in the rock. Quickly he crawled inside one of the caves. Although safe for the moment, he realised that once the enemy soldiers looking for him swept up the ridge, they would quickly search all the caves and he would be killed.
As he waited, he prayed, “Lord, please spare my life. Whatever will happen, I love you and trust you amen.
After praying, he lay quietly listening to the enemy begin to draw close. He thought, well, I guess the Lord isn’t going to help me out of this one.”
Then he saw a spider begin to build a web over the front of his cave. “Hah” he thought, what I need is a brick wall and what the Lord has sent me is a spider Web. God does have a sense of humour.” As the enemy drew closer he watched from the darkness of his hide out and could see them searching one cave after another. As they came to his, he got ready to make his last stand, but then he heard the leader of the soldiers say: ” you may as well ignore looking in this cave… If he had entered here this web would be broken!
So they left and he was delivered!
To his amazement, however, after glancing in the direction of his cave, they moved on.
Suddenly he realised that with the spider web over the entrance, his cave looked as if no one had entered for quite a while.
Lord, forgive me, ” he prayed. ” I had forgotten that in you a spider’s web is stronger than a brick wall. He will use the most foolish things in this world to confound the wise! 1 corith 1:27 God is your protection, if you believe in Him
Good morning


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Prayer 02/05/2022

Jeremiah 17:7
Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord.

Father, our trust is in You, we can’t do anything on our own. Let Your will alone be done in our lives in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 12/04/2022

Evil words spoken over my life and family while we were still in the womb, I cancel, neutralise and render you powerless in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 21/03/2022

Any power, spirit or personality planning to take me and my family away before our time, receive the judgment of fire and fail woefully in the name of Jesus Christ


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Prayer 04/03/2022

Any voice calling me and my family from the gate of the grave, be silenced permanently by the blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ name.


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Prayer 28/02/2022

Any error or mistake anyone in my ancestry and my in-law ancestry have committed against anyone knowingly or unknowingly that have been depriving us from fulfilling our divine destiny in anyway, Father, be merciful unto us in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 25/02/2022

Father, as You fought for Abraham by visiting Abimelech with a death warning, visit anyone that has stolen any of my blessings and the blessings of my family with Your anger and let them restore it in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 24/02/2022

Every good thing the enemy has destroyed in my life and family, Oh Lord, restore them to us this day in the name of Jesus Christ.


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