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Prayer 18/09/2021

Lord, help us to trust You and not to lean on our own understanding in every situation in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Do God’s will


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Be patient because you are special

I walked into a hotel and after going through the menu, I ordered some food.

After about 20 mins a group of guys and ladies walked in & ordered theirs. To my dismay, these folks got served first.

I watched as they began to eat & laugh heartily. I even overheard one of them bragging about how connected he is to everyone in the hotel and I felt mocked . I decided to leave. Unable to take it anymore , I called the waiter. He calmly told me: “yours is a special order, being prepared by the chief chef himself. Their orders were prepared hurriedly by students on attachment because the top chefs are busy with yours Sir. That’s why they were served first. Please have some juice as you wait”. I calmed down & waited patiently.

Shortly after, my meal was served by 6 waiters. Unknown to me, the owner of the hotel (who happened to be an old long lost friend of mine) saw me when I entered and decided to surprise me. She changed my simple meal to a five-star meal. The party at the other table were shocked. They couldn’t stop staring. Suddenly they were the ones murmuring, asking why they didn’t get that kind of service and meal.

Such is life! Some people are ahead of you and are eating now, laughing at you and talking about how they are smarter, wiser and better than you, how they are well connected, blessed, have money and are enjoying life .

You are waiting tirelessly wondering why it’s taking so long to breakthrough, You endure mockery and humiliation. Maybe you have contemplated suicide, gone through depression or suffered severe mental anxiety.

Do not worry! The owner of the world has seen you and does not want you to be served a simple meal like those making a mockery of you. You are waiting long because yours is a special meal. It takes time to prepare. And only chief chefs prepare them.

Wait for your meal and relax . When it comes that laughing party will be silenced for good. Do not be caught in life’s hurry!


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Prayer 25/08/2021

My Father, my Father, by Your mercy, let every darkness that has been hindering my forward movement and the forward movement of my family in every area of our lives be devoured by Your pillar of fire and Your light in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Watch “Above All [with lyrics] – Lenny LeBlanc” on YouTube


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Train of life

Thank You Lord for the opportunity granted me to connect with new people everyday

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The steadfast love of the Lord

Verse of the Day The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV

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The importance of baptism

Baptism of Jesus by JohnFrom:

Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John. But John tried to deter Him, saying, I need to be baptized by You and do You come to me? Jesus replied, let it be so now, it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness. Then John consented. As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Him. And a voice from heaven said, ”This is My Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased’ – Matthew 3 : 13 – 17. (Message bible version).

After the baptism, nothing changed in His physical body but something has shifted in the spirit realm. The bible says that the Spirit of God  descended on Him like a dove and a voice followed. Immediately after the baptism, He was led into the wilderness and He was tested by satan after which He started preaching the way to enter into the kingdom of heaven because He has been empowered. He was not tested before the baptism but rather after. He could have been tested even before the baptism as a child of God but He went to baptized first so that we should know how vital baptism is in the life of a believer.

During His teaching, He explained what will be stumbling blocks or what will deprive us from inheriting the kingdom of heaven. He made us to know who owns the key of life in His hands and who has the authority over everything.

It is the samething when one receives anointing, physically no change is seen but something has changed in the spiritual realm. When Samuel went to go and anoint David in the presence of his brothers and father 1 Samuel 16 : 1 – 13. After anointing David, he has to go back to the shepherd’s field. The spiritual shift starts preparing him for the kingship. The anointing kept him alive no matter how hard Saul tried to kill him, after killing Goliath he didn’t succeed and later what God has said concerning him came to reality.

With the above we should take baptism to be very important. When we go for baptism, we might not see any physical change in our body or the garment we put on, but we should be confident that a shift has happened in the spirit realm. After accepting Jesus Christ into our lives the next stage of a believer is to go for baptism so that our old self will be laid to rest while our new self will rise as we go out of the water.

PRAYER: O Lord, thank You for the gift of baptism give us the grace to be patient so that we can be partakers of the blessings that go with baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.



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Importance of thanksgiving

Prayer Resource for Schools: Thanksgiving Prayers From:

Now on His way to Jerusalem, Jesus travelled along the border between Samaria and Galilee. As He was going into a village, ten men who had leprous met Him. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, Jesus, Master, have pity on us. When He saw them, He said, ”Go, show yourselves to the priests”. And as they went, they were cleansed. One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him and he was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, ”Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner? Then He said to him, ”Rise and go, your faith has made you well”Luke 17 : 11 – 19. (NIV).

Most times we seems not to know or we don’t want to know the importance of thanksgiving. We render the little help we can to anyone and most times we don’t even expect any thank you from whom we have helped. Despite that, according to the above bible verses, Jesus want us to know the importance of saying thank you to anyone who has helped us in one way or the other.

God is doing many miracles and wonders in our lives, we don’t even remember to say thank You Lord at times. According to the above passage, we have to understand that the healing was in two parts. The first part was when Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests and the second part came after one of them came back to say thank you Lord. The other nine were only satisfied and settled for half blessing. Jesus even asked if the ten of them were not healed and where are the remaining nine?

Brethren, let’s be grateful and appreciative everytime. When we wake up in the morning, do we spend time to say thank you Lord for another new day? We forgot that many went to bed with us and they have good plans but they couldn’t wake up. If you think that it was the alarm that wake you up, try and place an alarm close to a dead body and see if the dead body will wake up. Below are some prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord.

1. Thank You for giving me the grace to keep Your ways and not depart from them in the name of Jesus Christ – 2 Samuel 22 : 21.

2. Thank You Lord for being my strength and power in the name of Jesus Christ – 2 Samuel 22 : 33.

3. Thank You Lord for making me feet like the Deer’s feet in the name of Jesus Christ – 2 Samuel 22 : 34.

4. Thank You Lord for making my way perfect – 2 Samuel 22 : 33.

5. Thank You Lord for lifting me up above those who rise up against me in the name of Jesus Christ – 2 Samuel 22 : 49.

6. Thank You Lord for guarding my feet anywhere I go in the name of Jesus Christ – 1 Samuel 2 : 9.

7. Thank You Lord, with Your mouth You speak and with Your hand You fulfil – 1 Kings 8 : 15.

8. Thank You Lord for hearing my cry – Exodus 22 : 23.

9. Thank You Lord for Your tender mercy in the name of Jesus Christ – Psalm 79 : 8.

10. Thank You Lord answering my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Trust Him

What do you think?


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