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Your week of Divine connection


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Lateness to church


Ever since I was born, I have not seen many people arrive late to the airport when they are traveling. In fact, when the plane is taking off at 11:00pm, the person will be at the airport by 7:00pm, wow!

That’s how much people value travelling overseas!!

Same when they have to go to court they will be at that Court not less than 30 minutes before the appointed time.

Same when they have appointment with mere men called VIP who have promised to give them money or valuable things, they will be there much more earlier.

But on a Sunday morning when Church has long begun, that’s when you see men and women with ‘swag’ gliding like a wounded tortoise coming to Church. They know they are late yet it does not bother them.

Church starts at 7:00 am but people will come at 8:30am or 9: 00 am why? They think all they need is just to be present and show their faces to their friends and mark attendance with Pastor who always bother them.

Just take the test to call them on Monday at 5:30 or 6:00 am , you’ll realise they are already on their way to work and some will be there already.

Know this today, anytime you go to Church one minute late, you have NOT attended Church at all.

If Christ is saying ‘where
two or three are gathered, I’m in their midst’, you think He comes late? The time you give is the time He keeps.

What does it mean to arrive late to Church?

1) Disrespect to Christ
2) Betrayal of Christ
3) Disregard to the Church and the Pastor
4) Interruption of an eternal program
5) TOTAL dishonour to God.

​Remember that anything we do including lateness to church is recorded and we will have to give account to God when the time comes.

Brethren  let’s give The Almighty God the respect and obedience He deserves .

May He give us the grace to make a change in anything that does not give Him glory in the name of Jesus Christ.


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– O Lord, by all the powers for which You are known to be God, turn the counsel of every Ahithophel in our live into foolishness in the name of Jesus Christ – Reference : 2 Samuel 15 : 31.

– Every king of Persia in any shape and form asigned to hijack our angel of blessing and our blessings, Holy Ghost fire and Thunder, locate them and destroy them in the name of Jesus Christ – Reference : Daniel 10 : 13.

– My Father, my Father, let every Haman in our lives fall into every trap they have set for us and be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ – Refrence : Esther 7 : 10. Amen and Amen in the name of Jesus Christ.


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God always has something for you



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When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty


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Before the end of this month,…


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Disappointments are just God’s way of saying….

Disappointments are just God's way of saying

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