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Prayer 04/01/2022

This year, my family and I refuse to be disconnected from our divine source of power and blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 14/12/2021

I and my family will end this year strong, you powers of failure and disappointment loose your hold and die in the name of Jesus Christ


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Prayer 21/09/2021

I refuse, my wife and children refuse to wear the garment of rejection and sorrow in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer 10/09/2021


O Lord, by the blast of Your nostrils, let every evil river flowing to me and my family swallow and congealed their sponsorers in the name of Jesus Christ .


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Prayer 25/08/2021

My Father, my Father, by Your mercy, let every darkness that has been hindering my forward movement and the forward movement of my family in every area of our lives be devoured by Your pillar of fire and Your light in the name of Jesus Christ.


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At the height of your success don’t forget…..



A 30 year-old son decided to get his old father admitted into an old peoples home as desired by his wife. He brought the father in a car to an old peoples home run by a Catholic priest.

Then appeared this elderly priest, who came out to have a long chat with the old man.

The son wondered and asked the priest whether he knew his father before, since they were talking as though they knew each other.

The priest replied, yes, and continued, “He came here 30 years back and took with him a very sick orphan boy whom everyone else had rejected for adoption.

This man gave that boy a home and saved his life. He told us this little boy deserves better and I’ll dedicate my life to make him the wealthiest young man when he turns 25”.

The priest continued, “I don’t know how long you have known him but I can tell you he is a good man and I am glad to inform you that you were the sick boy”.

The boy, on hearing this, fell on his knees and begged the old man for forgiveness.

The old man looked at him with a smile and said, “Son, I have forgiven you. You threw me out of my own home because of your wife.

Take the house, but know that I have removed you from my documents as the sole heir of my empire.

I have willed all my properties to this orphanage where I now belong.”

At the height of your success don’t forget where you are coming from, if not you will miss your destination and lose your Crown.

I pray we will not forget those who helped us to get to the top.
Deep message!



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Thank you Lord for Your blessings on me


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