New Life In Christ

29 Mar
New Life In Christ

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Holy Spirit wants to do a spiritual makeover on you. This is a new era and it requires a new mindset,  to put on the mind of Christ. He is examining our hearts and mindsets, bringing stinging heart conviction, so it will cause us to change the way we think and act.

There is a clarion call, to leave the past hurts and the ancestral sins that mar our thinking. Some thought patterns are idols that get more of our time, attention, and reinforcing thoughts than Yeshua our Savior, who purchased all we need to live an abundant life. Holy Spirit calls for us live victoriously, bubbling with love, light, and life. No longer living with a  poverty spirit but as royalty.

Yeshua purchased all we need to be whole and complete. The fresh winds of heaven blow, call for you to unfurl your sails, and go…

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