Love Others From The Heart

27 Jun
Love Others From The Heart

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

God calls us to love others from the heart. Challenges come and expose our hard self-righteous hearts, with the lack of love, when we disagree and disapprove of others, who fail to meet our standards.

God desires his tender compassion and pure love to dwell in our hearts, reflecting his forgiveness and merciful agape love, for us. Although, factuallyright about an issue, our prideful attitude may be argumentative, hateful, condemning and nasty, when we fight to prove our point of view. No love for others is seen.

The love of God, however, covers sins and transgressions like a quilt. His son, Jesus, died for his enemies, to save them. Since the Spirit of Jesus resides in believers, this love extends out of us, to our governing authorities, fellow Christians, co-workers, neighbors, relatives, and even our enemies. We need mercy and forgiveness, so extend it to others.


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