Change Your Focus

26 Jun
Change Your Focus

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

We have to keep our focus on Christ’s message and not the mess of the enemy. Change your FOCUS. When we are focusing on the wrong things, the enemy drains or wastes a lot of our energy. The enemy tries to make us exhausted, with feelings of “no avail.” Simply, change your focus. We have a tendency to become consumed with what we focus our hearts and minds on.

Focus on the better, the good, and your success because you are success! Negative voices, pessimistic people, and misanthropic persons, Shut them off and do you, and what Yahweh requires of you, (part of changing your focus).

Let Yahweh handle them, that is his job, he is more than capable. Only deal with what you’re supposed to, change your confession; make sure your speaking is aligned with what the Father is saying over your life. Truth is, he…

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