Encouragement For The Weary

31 May
Encouragement For The Weary

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

No matter how exhausted you feel, be encouraged. Know that you would not be attacked by the enemy of your soul, unless you were a threat. Yahweh is with you and keeps you in perfect peace even in the middle of the storm. You will grow through this and come out on the other side stronger. Wait on Yahweh and rest in his grace!

Do not give up because it is time for Breakthrough and soaring on eagle’s wings!

Don’t you know? Haven’t you been listening?
Yahweh is the one and only everlasting God,
    the Creator of all you can see and imagine!
He never gets weary or worn out.
His intelligence is unlimited;
    he is never puzzled over what to do!
He empowers the feeble
    and infuses the powerless with increasing strength.
Even young people faint and get exhausted;
    athletic onesmay stumble and fall.
But those who…

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