What Breeds Selfishness, Entitlement And Discredit?

12 May
What Breeds Selfishness, Entitlement And Discredit?

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

There’s a spirit called over familiarity, it breeds the spirit of entitlement, selfishness, unthankfulness, and can cause one to discredit or devalue what one is given or whom is giving it.

Yahweh says, “Many want to hear a Word but few desire to believe the Word. Obey the Word, or even War in prayer concerning the Word, due to a spirit of over familiarity.”

God doesn’t owe you, we owe Him. He doesn’t have to bless you, he desires to bless you. One of the root causes of the lack of passion and fervency, in our receptivity, of the Word is some have become over familiar and therefore, have no attitude of gratitude but a sentiment of entitlement.

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