The Spirit Of Self

07 Apr
The Spirit Of Self

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Lord has revealed to me, the spirit of self, in the life of many believers, which is the spirit of division. One is divided against oneself, always second guessing themselves or what God is saying to them. The spirit of division, hinders and retards you or stops you from fulfilling God’s Vision for your life. Usually, it happens due to the enemy’s deathblow to the mind, through some negative word curse, bad situation, or trauma in the past. This is always a blockage and hindrance to hearing the voice of the Lord. Oftentimes, it makes the person blind or thinking the worse of themselves and the best in others.

For instance, if you’re always hearing the enemy say, “You can’t hear God.” Then the truth is, “You can hear God, and that you’re going to have a greater anointing in that area.”

If you’ve received…

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