Worship Our Creator God!

19 Jan

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

God is our Creator and desires a close loving relationship, combined with reverence and respectful awe.  He is so much  more than someone to grant all your requests. He doesn’t let you become a spoiled brat but goes with you through your challenges.

He is Almighty God, your refuge, the Truth, strength, help, Father, and all you need. He defends, corrects, counsels, and keeps us safe from harm.

God is Love, Life, Light, Fire, and Holy. He is Supreme, All Knowing and More than Enough
Majestic in all his ways, Compassionate, righteous, and holy
Sovereign, Judge, Advocate
I AM, Covenant Keeping, our Provider,
My Banner, God of all comfort,

My Shepherd, Helper, All Sufficient
My Healer, Miracle Worker, Redeemer, Savior, Restorer, Forgiver
Is There, Everlasting, Eternal,
The Everlasting God

Jealous, faithful, joy, patient, good, merciful, and kind
Provider, All Sufficient, Wonderful
Lord of Hosts, King of…

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