God Through Christ Loves Me!

07 Aug

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Sometimes its a little difficult to love when you’ve been hurt
Sometimes it seems so unfair to forgive when the person who hurt you is still doing the same thing

Sometimes the “I might as well” kicks in and you feel there is no use.
But then I think of how great his love is for me, though I did wrong yet he died for me,
And sometimes I do the same thing and still he loves me.

How great oh how great is his love.
How great is his love, deeper than deepest ocean.
Higher than the highest mountain.
Stronger than the strongest beast.

How great, how great.
Unconditional it never ends.
Unfailing it always wins.
So powerful it expunges sin.

How great, how great is your
Love for me how great is your love.
His love for me.
It helps me to love knowing…

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