American Robin Teaches The Need For Wisdom

26 Jul

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Two American robins built a nest close to my house. The male robin was extremely territorial and defended a large area surrounding the nest. Robins have exceptional eyesight, better than human eyes. This male bird, however, had a problem. He thought his reflection was another bird threatening his territory and nesting mate. The robin spread its wings with talons outstretched and repeatedly hit the windows, thinking he is attacking another bird invading his territory. He spent nearly 24 hours a day doing this, under the midnight sun of Alaska. He didn’t spend much time sleeping but was vigilant. The only problem was he fought his own reflection, exhausting himself needlessly. Also, the house inhabitants were deprived of rest.

I inquired of Holy Spirit about this situation. He replied, that many of us believers in Jesus, do the same thing. We have keen eyesight but no wisdom and…

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