Stop running away from God

16 Apr

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope we are all doing great to the glory of God.

  1. Brethren, I don’t know what God is saying to you and I don’t know how you feel at this moment due to the present situation that is going on in the world. But I want to encourage you that this is not the time to run away from God or quit any Christian group. Of late, many people have left the forum.
    The word of God will help us to know the different ways the devil uses to break marriages, the word of God will help us to know how we can build a strong home free of quarrel and misunderstanding, the word of God will help the singles to know their future spouses, the word of God will strengthen us to withstand every evil agenda of satan. God is merciful and He is a God of second and third chance. He is ever ready to forgive us anytime we ask for forgiveness. God want us to come back to Him.
    When we switch on our television today anywhere in the world, what do you hear in the news other than how many people lost their lives today to coronavirus in each country, in each city etc. Are those words, words of encouragement that will give people confidence? Absolutely NOT AT ALL. That is what the news have to say. Is it bad to listen to news? No it is important but what I am saying is that we should not allow what they are saying in the news to cripple our mind for Christ because He is the only One that have solution to any problem. This is the time all of us need to come together and call upon God to have mercy on the world.

May God give us the grace to trust Him in the name of Jesus Christ.


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