Greatest Harvest Of Blessings

07 Nov

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Do your life a big favor today, completely let go of the old, so you can fully embrace the Glory of the New. You haven’t anymore time or space for the old, because you’re making room for the new of what Jehovah Sabaoth is doing in your life. Jehovah is doing some things in your life, that have never been done before.

You are experiencing the greatest harvest of blessing you have ever harvested in your life. Your limitations and nets of what you’ve believed for are being broken, for I am breaking your nets and changing your status says The Lord. No more will you settle, second guess, and be able to reference what has been, for I am doing more for you, releasing more to you, and causing you to live under an Unlimited Open heaven! There are so many holes in the sky…

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