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Wednesday blessing


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I am not going to heaven because I….


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With the merciful…….

With the merciful thou will shew thyself merciful and with the upright man thou will shew thyself upright. With the pure thou will shew thyself pure and with the froward thou will shew thyself unsavoury – 1 Samuel 22 ; 26 – 27


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I am not going to heaven because….


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Fear not

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It doesn’t matter the condition or circumstances that you are in right now¬† remember that it is not your conclusion.

The bible says that Marta told Jesus Christ that Lazarus has been dead four days and this time he stinks. That was the worst condition that one can be but that was not his conclusion – John 11.: 39

When the resurrection power spoke, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, power changed hand, Lazarus’ condition could not hold him any longer,, death has to give way, his condition changed.

Brethren, let our trust and focus be upon Almighty God who has the final say over our lives.

PRAYER: Ever lasting Father I give You all the glory. Give us the grace to trust You no matter our condition so that at the end the glory and honor will be given unto you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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