Obeying God’s instructions always bring joy and victory.

11 Oct


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But He said, More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it – Luke 11 : 28.

Most times God’s instructions are meaningless if you are not in the spirit. Below is a story of a man whose name was Mr Luis. take your time to read this and afterwards advise yourself.

Mr Luis, we are sending home your children from school, they haven’t paid their school fees and we will not allow them to take the exams. Luis began to plead but the principal refused to help. Just as he dropped the phone, another call entered, it was from his landlord, he had been given an ultimatum of one week to pay the house rent or he would be forced out of the apartment. The moment he dropped the phone a text  message entered, a business partner he was owing money was on his way to arrest him.

Brethren, at times in life, trials will keep on coming without stop. Don’t give up because God is still on His throne.

Mr Luis began to cry, ”Jesus, I am in trouble, I need You to show up for me, because the world is caving in on me, I need Your help”. Just then he heard a voice so clear as though the person was standing next to him and the voice said, ”dance”. It sounds crazy but Luis was desperate, he would do anything at that moment.

Luis put in a Frank Edwards CD and he began to dance, so much joy and peace filled his heart. He forgot about all his troubles and just danced before God. Suddenly, he got a text message, it was a bank alert for ten million naira. It was the payment of long time contract he did that the man who gave the contract didn’t want to pay. God touched him and he felt he must pay at that minute.

Luis could not believe it, he put on his clothes and rushed to his bank to check to know that he wasn’t dreaming, it was real. Luis, immediately removed his tithe and made three transfers; one to the school, one to the landlord and the last one to his business partner. Luis began to scream, ”Thank You Jesus” in the bank, they all thought he was crazy but he just couldn’t control himself, Jesus had saved me from shame and disgrace.

Brethren, if you forget anything about God, don’t ever forget that the MIRACULOUS is linked to the RIDICULOUS! God wanted to part the Red Sea, He asked Moses to stretch out his rod and his hand; God wanted to bring down the walls of Jericho which was very thick, God asked the children of Israel to shout; Jesus wanted to turn water to wine, He asked the servants at the marriage feast to fill a bowl with water and serve it.

Beloved the sea doesn’t part because a man stretched out a rod, walls don’t crumble because a group of people shouted, water doesn’t turn to wine because the servants at the bride filled a bowl and serve it!

These miracles happened because of ”INSTRUCTIONS”. What instruction has God given you recently that you have not obeyed? It may sound simple but your next level is tied to that instruction – obey every instruction that God has given to you. He may tell you to sow a seed, forgive someone, spend time reading the bible, spend longer time during prayer, don’t give the testimony yet, whatever it is, do it promptly.

How can you hear God’s voice? A prayer is a communication, an expression of thanks or request between a servant, a son and God  or a diety. After prayer what do you do? That is where most of us missed it. After prayer, take your time to hear from the Holy Spirit. You just placed your petition before The Almighty God and He will want to speak back to you and give you instructions through the Holy Spirit, therefore it is always good after prayer keep some silent moment before you leave your place of prayer so that the next line of action will be made known to you.

PRAYER: Everlasting Father, we thank You for the manifestation of Your power in our lives. Give us the grace to always hear from You because You are a Father that always want to speak to Your children. Reveal to us the secret of our lives in the name of Jesus Christ.



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3 responses to “Obeying God’s instructions always bring joy and victory.

  1. Nikita Robinson

    September 25, 2017 at 2:15 am

    Is this a true story?

    • osarobohenry

      February 22, 2018 at 12:33 am

      Thank you so much Nikita for your visit and question. Yes it was a true story. Our God is Great and merciful.God bless you.

  2. osarobohenry

    September 26, 2017 at 12:14 am

    Reblogged this on osarobohenry.


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