Worship The Lord of Host

28 Apr

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It is very good to pray to the Lord. As we pray, most times we forget that worship and praise are prayers. Most times we want to pour out our heart to God and because of the hasty result that we need, we don’t have time to worship and praise Him.

Brethren, when we worship and praise God, we are also praying. There are some problems which cannot be answered with what we only recognize as prayer but only through worship that it can be taken care of. We remember the story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16 that as they were worshiping God the unexpected happened.

Let worship be part of your everyday life and you will see how things begin to change for your good. Recognize His Mighty Hands upon your life.

Below are few Bible verses about worship:

Psalm 100 : 4

Psalm 103 : 1

Acts 16 : 25

John 4 : 24

1 Chronicle 16 : 34

Psalm 68 : 4 – 5

2 Samuel 7 : 22

Psalm 150 : 6

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