Truth for Today: You’re Worth It!

01 Jan
Truth for Today: You’re Worth It!


If I asked you to name all of the people and things you loved, how long would it take for you to name yourself? I remember someone asked the that same question, two minutes into my answer they stopped me and asked “When are you going to name yourself” I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t mentioned myself. that conversation made me think about how we can love and forgive everyone else EXCEPT ourselves. Seems crazy when you really think about it right!?

We can forgive and love the man who beat us, the woman who had a baby with another man, the parent that mistreated us and the friend that betrayed us but can’t seem to forgive ourselves for our wrong doings and love ourselves despite how others how others may treat us. No matter how others treat us we must love ourselves enough to forgive them. Just as…

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