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Whenever God means to make a man great

As we pray, we always forget that before God can make you great, He must try you in different ways because He don’t want His blessings to come to you and you will be unable to handle it.

So bear in mind that before a seed can give birth, it must die first and its death will bring abundance. God is going to work on you before you receive the breakthrough that you are expecting to receive.

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Forgive yourself

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We forgive others but we forget to forgive ourselves hoping it is not important. If you pray without forgiving yourself of any error or mistake you might have made, your prayer will not be answered. If you refuse to forgive yourself, no one will forgive you.

The very first person that needs forgiveness is you. You are the best person to forgive yourself because if you cannot forgive yourself, you are putting yourself in prison. Be brave enough to forgive yourself. Therefore, it is very important to free yourself from any form of imprisonment so that your prayer can reach the throne of God.

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Commitment to God

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You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice, you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him – Deuteronomy 13 : 4.

We spent time in prayer, study the word of God but we refuse to obey His voice and His commandments. For our prayers to be answered, we have to be follow Him completely. We should leave nothing behind.

If we are really committed to God, it is then that we can be able to obey His commandments. We are committed when we need something from Him and after getting solution to that problem, the commitment will disappear. Our commitment should not be based on because we need something from Him.

At times, we don’t even pay our tithes and yet we expect Him to destroy those worms destroying our crops. We consider the tithe to be very big to give to God. Give what is God to God and see if He will not fulfill His promises in your life.

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