Action time

17 Nov

Resultado de imagen de When you pray, God want you to take a corresponding action

Many times when we pray, we expect God to do the Spiritual and the physical. Yes, He can do it but what He expect from us is to have faith as small as the mustard seed which will now encourage you to take a corresponding action.

For example, when you pray for a job, do you go out to look for job? Or you keep on waiting for God to come and move your leg so that you can now know that your prayer has been answered.

After the children of Israelite left Egypt and after the crossing of the Red Sea, they complained against Moses and Aaron why they brought them out from the land of Egypt to come and kill them in the wilderness with hunger? The bible said that God heard their complain and told Moses and Aaron that He will rain down bread from heaven and the people will go out and gather a certain quota – Exodus 16 : 4.

God is the Almighty, He can make the bread to come into their rooms but He want them to go out and contribute their own portion. He did not say Moses and Aaron should bring it for them but He said that the Israelite should go out and gather.

For your prayer to have result, take a corresponding action.

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